Air Filters and Pumps

For Compressed Air

Compressed air users should use a breathing air filter along with a Grade D quality or higher air supply to filter the air supply to the blast helmet. Note: 20 CFM of air should be supplied to helmets at 60-80 psi. Climate Control devices can be used with compressed air.

Clemco® CPF Air Filters

CPF Air Filters remove mists, including oil mists, water vapor and particulates greater in size than 0.5 micron. CPF Air Filters do not remove CO or convert CO to CO2 Compressed Grade D quality air must be supplied to the respirator. CPF-20 model for up to 2 operators or CPF-80 for up to 4 operators. Floor or wall mountable.

For Ambient Air

A dedicated, oil-less ambient air pump, supplying Grade D Quality air should be used to supply Low Pressure (LP) helmet models with air. Climate Control devices* cannot be used with ambient air pump due to the volume of air conveyed (with the except noted below).

Clemco® Ambient Air Pumps

Clemco supplies two models of Ambient Air Pumps, the CALIPSO and CAP-4. The CALIPSO ambient air pump is a portable, single-operator, oil-less pump with an electric, dust resistant fan-cooled motor. Two robust lifting handles it is NIOSH approved for continuous flow hood or helmet-style with 8 cfm up to 10 psi. The CAP-4 Model operates on an air motor an supplies breathing air up to 4 operators using low-pressure respirators. The CAP-4 requires a minimum of 30-70 CFM of air to run the motor producing a minimum of 85 psi-100 psi. (CALIPSO) (CAP-4)

RPB® Radex Breathing Air Filter™

Fitted with 6-stage filter that removes moisture and particulates to 0.5 microns and odor from the compressed air stream. An optional auto drain valve is available to continually remove moisture from the unit increasing the lifespan of the cartridge. Can mount to the wall or be floor standing. Single user model or 6-user model available.

A Bullard® Frigitron® 2000 can be used with a 4-user ambient air pump model. It should be noted that with this set up, the pump and climate control device will only be able to service 1 air fed helmet.