Wet Blasting

Wet Blasting, also known as slurry or vapor blasting, is similar to dry blasting, except that the blast media is moistened prior to impacting the surface and creates up to 92% less dust. Less dust means less containment and clean-up. Wet blasting can be down outside or in open areas or contained cabinet enclosures. Clemco® is a manufacture of each of these types of systems.

Clemco® Wetblast FLEX™ All in One Wetblast System

The WETBLAST FLEXTM system gives you convenience you don’t get from traditional slurry systems. Its design and simplified set up and operation make for easier end-of-shift shutdown. By mixing the abrasive and water after it leaves the blast machine, you never have to empty a machine of a messy water/abrasive mix. Flexible set up options allow you to position the water injector either at the base of the blast machine or at the nozzle – your choice. With the injector at the nozzle, you can adjust the water/abrasive mix at any time. It comes in a std unit for 50-120 psi pressure ranges and a LP unit for 5-120 psi ranges.

You can dry-blast with the FLEX, simply remove the injector adaptor mounted at the base of the machine, and turn off air to the pump.

Skid Mounted - All-in-one convenient design with fork lift pockets and lifting eyes.

Water Source - On board water tank or municipal water source – add rust inhibitor if needed.

Abrasive Cut off Switch - With injector and ACS at the nozzle, you can control wash down and surface blow off without a trip to the blast machine.

No Pot Tender Needed - With the injector adaptor and ACS mounted at the nozzle, there’s no need for a pot tender.

Wetblast FLEXTM Base Unit

6 ft3 Blast Machine with Pneumatic Remotes and 50 ft Control Line 120 Gallon Water Tank Wetblast InjectorTM Pump Module Base-Mount Wetblast Injector™ Standard Wetblast Injector™ with 50' Hose Abrasive Cut-Off Switch Blast Machine Screen & Cover 1 ½" Pressure Regulator & Air Filter

Wetblast Units

See Clemco Website for Videos on the Flex: http://clemcoindustries.com/products_showitem_clemco.php?item_id=28434

Clemco® Wetblast Injector Unit

    The Wetblast injector unit is an economical kit that adds wet-blasting capability to most conventional dry-blast machines. The injector is installed at the nozzle, a water supply is connected to the pump and Abrasive is adjusted at the existing metering valve and the eater injection is controlled at the nozzle.

  • Mixes water and abrasive at the nozzle
  • Dramatically reduces job site dust
  • Eliminates the need for costly containment
  • Allows surface rinsing and drying
  • Works with blast machines, 2 CF and larger.

Wetblast Units

Water Ring Head Attachment

A low pressure attachment that attaches on the end of the nozzle head which when connected to a garden hose supply emits a fine mist of water to control the dust. This is a very low-cost option to add dust control!

Clemco/Zero® BNP 250 & 260 WetBlast Suction Cabinets

ZERO BNP 250/260 Wetblast cabinets deliver affordable, dust-free media blasting to efficiently clean and finish all kinds of parts. The wetblast process produces a smooth surface, a bright shine, and does not produce static electricity common in dry blast operations.

They offer full-length waterproof neoprene-on-fabric gloves, Safety interlocks interrupt blasting if either door is opened, Double-wall, sound-insulated doors reduce noise, Fluorescent lighting, 150-cfm exhauster maximizes visibility inside cabinet, Operator-controlled domestic-water wash system maintains clean window for clear view of work, Foot pedal activates blast process and minimizes operator fatigue and Fingertip-activated rinsing control speeds work flow. Made out of 14-gauge stainless steel cabinet and grating provide rust-free blasting environment. Pressure regulator with gauge is within easy reach on light module and Toggle switches activate lighting, exhauster, and diaphragm pump. Diaphragm pump ensures ready supply of media/water to maintain efficient work flow.

BNP 250 has a working chamber of 36”w x 35”d x 37”h

BNP 260 has a working chamber of 50”w x 39”d x 43”h

**Both models for use with glass beads or aggressive media (specify)

250/260 Cabinets

Accessories for Wet Blasting

HoldTight® 102

HoldTight® 102 salt remover/Flash rust preventer is a one-step additive that prevents flash rusting of wet abrasive and water-blasted iron and steel surfaces and of dry-blasted surfaces in a pressurized wash down. It removes all salts and other contaminants such as oil, grease and blast residues. Can be safely disposed of in sanitary sewers, rivers, lakes and other bodies of water without endargment of aquatic life. 24-72 hours or more of corrosion-free surface protection.

1-gal jugs (4 gals/1carton) min, 5-gal pail or 55 gal drums.

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