Dust Collection

Whether it is in a cabinet enclosure or a blast room operation, Dust Collection is essential to provide the operators visibility and breathing air quality as well as to evacuate the containments in the area.

Dust Collectors for Cabinets are sized based on the enclosure size and the type of abrasive used.

Blast room collectors are also equally sized based on the Crossdraft CFM needed in the room: Width of the room x height of the room (length has no bearing on this calculation) x 60 CFM (50 for Steel & Glass bead, 60 for ALOX or 80 for garnet & slag).

We can help you size collectors based on your need. Most cabinet enclosures sold by Metal Finishing come standard with a properly sized dust collector with upgrade options available when needed. Room Collectors again are sized per application.

Types of Dust Collectors Available

  • Bag Houses
  • Reverse Pulse (Cleaning) Cartridge
  • Large Reverse Pulse Cleaning Cartridges
  • Mist or Wet Collectors
  • Air Cleaners
  • Clean Air Booths
  • DownDraft Tables

A number of options are available when choosing a collector

  • Cyclone, Filter Bag or Cartridge
  • Dust Drawer or Hopper Disposal
  • Shake Down or Reverse-Pulse Cleaning
  • HEPA Filter Attachment

Available Literature

Clemco Cabinet Dust Collectors

Clemco CDF Room Dust Collectors

Replacement Filter Bags and Cartridges

Metal Finishing Supply offers OEM and aftermarket filter bags and filter cartridges for most manufactures of Dust Collectors. We will need to know the manufacturer, model number and/or part number of the bag/filter you are looking for. We also have the ability to get a sample bag or filter from you to send to our manufactures in order to find replacement bags/cartridges that will fit your unit. Please use the attached Fill in form when requesting quotes on filter bags/cartridges or contact us.

Filter Cart-Bag Information Sheet