Buffing and Polishing Supplies

Metal Finishing Supply carries a wide variety of buffing and polishing supplies and accessories from many manufactures. Our sales staff and resources can help you select the right products for your application(s).

JacksonLea® manufactures buffs for every conceivable type of finishing process. They specialize in made-to-order custom design products for the unique projects as well as standard buffing applications. Metal Finishing Supply stocks a number of buffs in number of options.

  • Cloth, Cloth Sisal and all Sisal Buffs
  • Seamless, Magnaflex, Fiber Center, Centerless, Spryl Roll, Contact Wheels, Polishing Wheels and Tapered, Goblet & Mushroom Buffs
  • Shank Mounted Cotton Buffs and Felt Bobs
  • Cotton or Canvas Wheels (Loose or Spiral Sewn)
  • Different Treatments to match your application needs
  • Manual or Automatic operations

Also Supplying buffs and wheels from Formax® Mfg, Matchless Metal Polish Co, Reliable Buff and many others!

For those applications which utilize abrasive belts, Metal Finishing can supply contact wheels, which is of cloth construction, or secondly, the Diamond Crosscut Contact Wheel manufactured by the Matchless Metal Polish Co, of rubber construction.

  • Diamond Cross-Cut
  • Cotton & Canvas
  • Expander Wheels
  • Contact Wheel and Roller Relines
Contact Wheel

The proper buffing application requires the proper buffing compound and we can supply that all to you.

  • Bars and Liquid Form
  • Tripoli, Steel Cut and Stainless Cut
  • Plastic
  • Non-Ferrous Coloring & Chrome Rouge
  • Aluminum Compound and Emery Cakes
  • Jewelers Rouge
  • Tallow Grease Sticks
  • Greaseless Polishing Sticks
  • Belt Lubricants
  • Poly-Glue
  • Liquid Abrasive Sandpaper

Supplying Manufactures: Formax® Mfg, JacksonLea™, Kocour , Matchless Metal Polish Co.

  • Buffing Rakes
  • Buffing Flanges
  • Belt Cleaners & Erasers
  • Lathe Nuts & Wrenches
  • Gloves/Masks
  • Mandrels and nuts