Vibratory Mass Finishing Supplies

Substance: Vibratory Mass Finishing Supplies

In regards to the Mass Finishing Process, we can provide the Media & Compound needed for your process. Not only is selecting the correct equipment key, selecting the right media and compound is paramount to achieving the desired finish you are looking for. Media selections generalize from Ceramic, Plastic, and Steel Tumbling media along with the correct tumbling solution. We can help! We can process your sample parts in our lab or send to our vendor for a recommendation on a media and compound to use.

Things to take in account when selecting a media/compound:

  • What process are you looking to do: Deburr, Burnish, Improve surfaces, Clean or Dry
  • Equipment type – What equipment do you have on hand to do the process or are you in need of equipment?
  • Media Composition selection – This goes hand and hand with what you are looking to do as well as what type of material your parts are made out of.
  • Media Size and Shape – Based on your parts and where you need to get into without lodging and longest life
  • Compounds – Lubricating and Cleaning parts, Burnishing compounds for color, degreasing, rust inhibition of your parts – we have it all.

Metal Finishing Supply is a distributor of Washington Mills Ceramic Duramedia®. Ceramic bonded media is used to deburr, deflash, cut, burnish, polish and brighten your parts and applications. Available in a wide variety of sizes and shapes including cylinders (30o, 45o & 60o), angle and straight cut triangles, cones, angle cut stars, wedges, pyramids and tetrahedrons. Many different media compositions available (and stocked at the factory) such as non-abrasive, mild cut, medium cut, and fast cut medias available in a number of densities to give standard to longer life medias and reduce waste.

Specialty medias are available including lightweight media for delicate parts, gear deburring media, XA tumbling nuggets (fused aluminum oxide) for fast cutting and long wear, XM tumbling nuggets (sintered ceramic) for coloring, 3DCM® media for use on 3D printed parts and a Fused zirconia abrasive media for maximum cutting ability on titanium, hardened chrome alloy or Inconel products used in the aerospace industry.

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Plastic Media is a polyester resin media being used from pre-plate to aggressive metal removal. It has a long

life and consistent performance in mass finishing. Can be used to deburr, flash removal, surface metal removal and fine finishing. Available in a number of compositions as well as sizes and shapes (triangles, cones, taper & round top cones, pyramids, stars, ellipses, and wedges). Metal Finishing Supply is a distributor of Washington Mills Plastic Duramedia®, Vibra Finish and Rosler Metal Finishing Plastic Media.

Synthetic Media is an alternative to that of Plastic Resin media. It provides a 20% to 45% lower bulk density and polyester resign and ceramic media as well as a lesser weight per cubic foot. Synthetic media can offer an extremely fine finish ideal for media, dental and aerospace industries. A number of size, shapes and compositions are available to polish, pre-plate, general purpose cutting, fast cutting or aggressive cutting!

Both Carbon Steel Media and Stainless Steel media is available and provides a burr-free, bright and smooth finish to mass finishers. Steel media has long life cycles and parts processed with steel have a stronger resistance to wear than parts finished with other media. Used for applications such as Deburring, Stress Relieving, Strengthening, Brightening and Preplate. Available in a number of sizes and shapes such as Spheres, cones, ballcones, oval balls, diagonals and pins.

Stainless Steel 300 Series (302/304) is used when complete freedom from rust is needed. Cut times can be reduced by using more acidic compounds and aggressive processes and will resist corrosion. Stainless Steel used to remove small burrs, stress reliefs, polishing and brightening.

Metal Finishing Supply is a distributor of Washington Mills Ceramics Duramedia® Carbon and Stainless Steel media.

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Precision Polishing (non-abrasive) and Fast-Cut (Abrasive) media is available to produce hi-luster and microbrite or small instrument applications. It is available in both in a Non-Abrasive formulation that will polish, burnish and very lightly deburr and a Fast Cut Abrasive formulation that will provide a fast cut deburr. Cylinders/Pins, Spheres, Triangles available in both formulations as well as sizes (millimeters).

Corn Cob is an excellent media/abrasive for drying parts after deburring or tumbling. It can also lightly deburr and burnish your parts. Treated Corn Cob will produce highly polished parts when used in your mass finishing applications including vibratory, centrifugal barrel, disc and spin finishers. Works well on gold, Brass, copper, aluminum, Silver and Stainless Steel parts as well as jewelry and Orthodontic Applications.

Metal Finishing Supply has a variety of proprietary custom vibratory compounds for any situation. A proper compound, when used correctly will lubricate the process, clean the parts and media, provide cut and color as well protect parts after the process has ended. We have a number of standard compounds that we supply which are listed below but we can custom blend for any application. The number one problem with vibratory applications not working is your compound usage (none at all, too little, too much, mixture wrong... etc.). We also can supply vibratory compounds from other manufactures or for other applications, if needed. Call for technical information, ordering and pricing or to discuss a different compound that you may need.

Some of our Common Compounds:

Liquid Rust Inhibitor #MFRI-50: A water soluble rust inhibitor that contains no oil. It is biodegradable, nontoxic, and non-hazardous giving up to 30 days of inside storage.

MF-124 Cleaner-Burnisher-Rust Inhibitor: A mildly alkaline, highly concentrated liquid general-purpose compound especially designed for ferrous metals. Economical and ideal flow-through compound, it cleans, degreases and brightens. Rust Inhibiting film good for 30 days indoor storage.

MF-131 Cleaner-Rust Inhibitor: A mildly alkaline, highly concentrated liquid general-purpose compound especially designed for ferrous metals. Economical and ideal flow-through compound, it cleans, degreases and brightens. Rust Inhibiting film good for 30 days indoor storage.

MF-140RF Liquid Cleaner/Burnisher: A liquid cleaner, Burnisher and deburring material that can be used on all metals, but especially effective on non-ferrous alloys (brass, zinc & aluminum die cast). It is a slightly acidic compound that will prevent corrosion on those non-ferrous alloys that normally occurs with alkaline compounds. It will keep clean ceramic and plastic media when used with aluminum die castings as well.

MF-147EF Cleaner-Burnisher for all Metals: A compound used to clean and lubricate parts and media during processing. It will keep steel ball media bright and free from rust. No rust proofing is needed for overnight and weekend shutdowns. At low concentrations, it will clean and at high concentrations, it with burnish.

MF-352 Compound: An alkaline cleaner powder for vibratory and tumbling barrels. It is mild to the skin and hands but a powerful detergent for cleaning parts, oil, chips, etc. MF-352 will provide low cost additional cleaning power as needed for special occasional jobs.

Descaler #8 Compound: A highly concentrated liquid acid descaling compound formulated with special inhibitors as a first quality product. Designed for use on delicate or critical work alloys and ferrous metals. It is effective in removing tough and heavy scale. It yields a bright, virgin metal color.

BC-614 Soak/Cleaner Compound (Steel): BC-614 is a phosphate heavy duty alkaline cleaner for steel that will remove oils, shop dirt, buffing compounds while leaving a clean and active surface. It’s dustless and contains wetters and water conditioning agents so it can be used in hard water areas.