Vibratory Mass Finishing Equipment

Equipment: Vibratory Mass Finishing Equipment

Mass (Vibratory) Finishing is a process by which a large batch of parts are processed at a single time in order to Deburr, Burnish, Improve Surfaces, Clean and Dry parts. It typically consists of your parts, the equipment, media and compound. Typically, vibratory finishing is done in a bowl or tub, but other processes used are tumbling barrels, centrifugal barrels or Harperizers, Centrifugal Disc Machines.

If you are in the need for new or used equipment, we can supply equipment to meet your application. We also provide a complete line of vibratory medias and compounds as well as fluid systems and material for a complete process. Our lab can identify a process based on your sample parts and make a recommendation of equipment, media and/or compound to use.

Round, Oval or Spiral Bowls:
  • Most Common form of vibratory equipment
  • Batch process for mass finishing or Spiral Design allows the separation and removal of parts
  • Can be used with Ceramic, Plastic, Synthetic or Steel Media
  • Flexible Options such as adjustable amplitude, time cycles, variable speed drives
  • Oval spiral design allows continuous and batch applications with longer process times than Round Bowls
  • Available in a number of standard or custom sizes including bench top for small part processing
  • Distributor of Ultramatic & Sweco, Servicing Giant, CLM Vibe-tech, Grav-co/Sturgis Finishing Torex
Tubs & Flo-Thru:
  • Economical Finishing or where large parts won’t fit in a round bowl
  • Parts rotate freely within the mass of media and U-chamber
  • Ideal for aggressive deburring
  • Dividers allow tub to be separated where little to no part on part impingement can happen to minimize damage
  • Small size capacities (3 cu ft) to large size (380 cu ft) available
  • Flo-Thru features allow Continuous Feed of parts thru your system including Feed Conveyor, tub, post process rinse and dry!
  • Distributor of Ultramatic and their Patented O.H.D design & C&M Topline
  • High Energy finishers that use the smallest of media and flow-thru compound systems
  • Allow deburring and polishing of parts & grooves/corners that conventional vibratory or tumbling is unable to reach
  • Excellent for Brass, Copper, Steel and Aluminum as well as a number of alloys
  • Cycle times reduced by up to 1/10th of normal deburring cycles
  • Various sizes and configurations ranging from 8L (.28 cu ft) Bench Top to 60L (2x3 cu ft) floor models with 1-3 process chambers
  • Well suited for Cellular and JIT Manufacturing in the Aerospace, Medical/Pharmaceutical, Electronics, Automotive, Jewelry, Machine & Job Shops as well as precision Parts Manufacturing
  • High Energy Process can finish parts up to 20 time faster than conventional vibratory processes with compact and economical designs
  • Can provide processes of aggressive deburring down to intricate finishing of delicate parts
  • 4 barrels mounted on a large turret create high energy which produce reduced cycle times
  • Number of Machine sizes from 2.0 cu ft to 7.0 cu ft.
  • Removable drums/liners, variable speed, process timers, turret & barrel job buttons are standard features
  • Barrel Dividers, Vibratory separator, Lift device for heavy parts, work station, waste water treatment are optional features
  • Available in Tub or bowl design
  • Designed to run corn cob media for complete drying, Treated Walnut Shell or wood media for polishing and cut/color operations
  • Can be added as a flo-thru process on your wet vibratory system or batch drying process as the final drying phase
  • Drag Finishers
  • Table Top and Floor Rotary Barrels/Tumblers
  • Tilt Tumbling Barrels
  • Media & Parts Separators


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