Coated abrasive and non-woven supplies

Metal Finishing Supply supplies a wide variety of coated abrasive and non-woven supplies and accessories from many manufactures. Our sales staff and resources can help you select the right products for your application(s).

Abrasive Belts and Surface Conditioning Belts

  • Deburring, Blending and polishing on all metals and wood
  • Unbreakable Splice
  • Aluminum Oxide, Ceramic, Silicon Carbide, Alumina Zirconia Materials
  • Wide variety of Grit sizes and backings
  • Standard and custom made to size belts (wide to narrow in size)
  • Klingspor, VSM Abrasives, Standard Abrasives (3M), Pferd

Quick Change Discs and Surface Conditioning Discs

  • For Blending and surface prep as well as deburring and blending
  • Different attachment Styles
  • Pferd and Standard Abrasives (3M)

Buff & Blend Discs

  • Blending Minor Imperfections and removal of light oxidation
  • Pferd and Standard Abrasives (3M)

Buff and Blend Wheels

  • Removal of rust and oxidation
  • Manual processes
  • Pferd, Standard Abrasives (3M) and others

Specialty Wheels

  • Non-Woven Abrasive Wheels (ALOX or SC)
  • Convolute Wheels-For general purpose deburring and blending for a clean and bright surface
  • Unitized Wheels- to Produce a linear and consistent finish on stainless and aluminum
  • Deburring Wheels
  • Blending Wheels
  • JacksonLea® and Osborn, Standard Abrasives (3M)

Flap Brushes

  • For cleaning and blending on aluminum, brass and stainless steel
  • JacksonLea® and Osborn

Flap Wheels

  • To Clean and finish inside as well as outside diameters
  • Remove Flash rust and parting lines
  • Abrasive, Combo, Cloth, Sisal, Non-Woven and Hybrid
  • Standard Abrasives (3M), Osborn/JacksonLea®, Pferd and others

Cartridge Rolls, Cross/Square Pads, Discs

  • To Remove machine tool marks and grind and blend
  • For part edges and inside tubes

PSA Discs

  • Light Duty blending and finishing
  • Ferrous and non-ferrous Materials
  • Klingspor, VSM and others

Non-Woven Products

  • For light deburring and blending
  • Use in plating, anodizing or painting on ferrous and non-ferrous metals!
  • Handpads, Buffs, Discs, Belts, brushes and solid wheels.
  • Standard Abrasives (3M) and Osbon/JacksonLea®