Pipe Blasting and Coating

    Clemco® pipe tools help you blast and coat a wide range of pipe diameters and with most common blast abrasives. Each tool handles a specific pipe diameter range with the use of centering devices.

    All the tools are pneumatically driven using compressed air, common abrasives and your standard blast machine with a coupled blast hose to operate. The customer can provide a pipe lance, normally in a length that matches the pipe to be cleaned, to pull the tool manually from the far end of the pipe at a speed determined to clean the pipe to the desired degree of cleanliness.

    Clemco Pipe Tools Clemco Spin-Kote

Hollo-Blast Jr.

To Blast pipes ¾” to 2” I.D.

Comes with a 9/32” tungsten carbide nozzle and four sets of centering collars to accommodate pipes from 1” to 2” I.D. Without the collars, it will fit pipes ¾” in diameter.


To Blast pipes 2” to 12” I.D.

Comes with a ½” short venturi nozzle and tungsten carbide deflection tip to spray accelerated abrasive with a 360o pattern. 5/8” larger nozzle available and boron carbide or ROCTEC® material deflection tips available for aggressive-media applications. Two Centering Carriages available: HBC-1 for 3” – 5” I.D. pipes and HBC-2 for 5” – 12” I.D. pipes.


To Blast Pipes 8” to 60” I.D.

Two model sizes available for pipes 8”-36” ID and 36”-60” I.D. with a nozzle head capable of holding two nozzles. The larger unit uses long venturi nozzles for the larger pipe. The small spin blaster comes with two centering carriages (8”-17” and 12”-36” pipe diameters) and the large on has 1 centering carriage available (36”-60” I.D.).

Online Video Link: http://clemcoindustries.com/spinblasthd.html

Pipe Pro XL™

To Blast Pipes 16” to 60” I.D.

A Heavy-duty, Pneumatic-motor driven tool available in two models depending on the pipe size (16”-31” and 16”-60” I.D.). Nozzles are sold separately to size to your application and a kit is available to convert the smaller unit to a 32”-60” option should the need arise.

Spin-Blast HD-E:

To Blast Pipes 18” to 120” ID.

A Heavy-duty, Electric-motor driven tool with control box for internal pipe cleaning. Requires two long venturi nozzles to operate (1/4” – ½” bore sizes). Available with or without a carriage (up to 48”) and nozzle extensions.


For Coating Pipes 2” I.D. to 96” I.D.

The Spin-Kote pipe coating tools are designed to apply coatings to the internal surface of pipes. This newer system addition to the Clemco® line is an economic alternative to the orbiter coating system. The system utilizes airless pump systems and the spray heads are pneumatically driven and can apply coatings of varying viscosity and composition. All tools include manually adjustable carriages which center the spray heads in the pipe. Can be used with a customer-supplied pipe lance, gear motor or variable speed drives to ease movement through the pipe to prevent paint defects. Requires an airless spray pump with a minimum pressure ratio of 30 to 1.

  • Spin-Kote 25 (2” to 5” I.D.)
  • Spin-Kote 512 (5” to 12” I.D.)
  • Spin-Kote 817 (8” to 17” I.D.)
  • Spin-Kote 1236 (12” to 36” I.D.)
  • Spin-Kote 4896 (48” to 96” I.D.)
Clemco Spin-Kote


For Coating Pipes 3.5” to 38” I.D.

The Orbiter pipe coating tool is designed to apply paint to the inside of pipe, conduit, tubing or other cylindrical structures at a remarkable speed. Two Models available, Orbiter I (3.5”-6” I.D. pipes) and Orbiter III (7”-38” I.D.). Each system includes paint spray tool with centering legs, and air control assembly, a paint spray gun and air-control and high-pressure air hoses. Requires and airless paint spray pump (30:1 minimum and 45:1 preferred). Maximum pipe length is 64” long.