Clemco Blast Equipment

Metal Finishing is a complete distributor and service provider of Clemco Industries blast equipment including their Clemco portable blast equipment line, Zero Manual and Automatic Blast Cabinets, Aerolyte dry stripping equipment including soda blast and plastic blast equipment and their Industrial Blast Facilities including blast rooms and recovery systems.

Please see below for some common equipment supplied and if you need more information, please contact us directly or visit their website at for more information.

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Contractor Portable Blast Equipment

Available in 2, 4 or 6 cu ft. selections, these pressure pots come mounted on a ergonomic cart made from heavy-duty steel. Vessel rated at 150 psi, these pots come with the Millennium Remote Control System (either pneumatic or electric) and Quantum Metering Valve (Auto-Quantum Metering for Pressure Hold Applications or ACS Features). The pots come with air filter mounting-to pot capabilities to keep all blast equipment in one place. Systems available in standard pressure release feature or upgraded pressure hold feature (for frequent start or stops without depressurizing the blast pot). Available as a stand alone purchase of pot only or package featuring blast hose, nozzles, operator safety equipment and blasting accessories, everything you need to start blasting.

Other Blast Equipment

  • Suction Gun System & Power Gun System
  • Pipe Blasting Tools including Hollo Blast Jr (3/4-2” ID Pipes), Hollo Blast (2”-12” ID Pipes) and Spin-Blast (8”-36” ID Pipes), Spin Blast HD (18” to 48” ID Pipes) and -Orbiter pipe painting system
  • Comet Portable suction blast and Vacuum System and Super Comet portable pressure blast and vacuum system
  • Educt-o-Matic and Closed Circuit Blast Tools
  • Easy Load Vacuum Systems and Abrasive Vacuum Systems
  • Wet Blast Injector System

Operator Safety Equipment

  • Clemco 600, 60 and 20 High Pressure and Low Pressure Model Supplied-Air Respirators
  • Air Control, Cool-Air and Climate Control Tubes available for High-Pressure Models
  • CPF-20 & 80 Breathing Air Filter for High Pressure Models
  • Apollo CAP-1 and CAP-4 (1 or 4 operator) Ambient Air Pumps for Low Pressure Models
  • Portable and Fixed Carbon Monoxide Monitors
  • Wired and Wireless Communication Systems
  • Heating and Cooling Comfort Vest
  • Heavy and Light Duty Blast Suits available in S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL
  • Leather Blast Gloves
  • Hearing Protection
See our Safety Equipment Page for More information

Classic Portable Blast Equipment

Available in a wide variety of sizes including, 0.5, 1, 2, 3, 6, 6 (lo-pot), 7, 10, 20 cu ft. and an 8 cu ft dual chamber blast pot. All pots, except 0.5, 1 and the 6 cu ft. lo-pot are rated at 150 psi with the above 3 listed rated at 125 psi. Pressure Pots feature standard TLR-50, TLR-100 or TLR-300 pneumatic or electric remote controls and are available with the standard Flat Sand Metering Valve or the upgraded Auto-Quantum or Sentinel Metering Valve with ACS feature. Pots come configured standard as pressure release systems but can be configured as a pressure hold system. Blasting kits available which include pot, blast hose, nozzle, operator safety equipment and blasting accessories. Everything needed to blast or a stand-alone pot for purchase only.

Big Clem Bulk Blast Machines

Standard units rated at 125 psi, 1-1/4” piping, 2 operator pressure hold remote controls, legs and leg pads. Portable units standard with dual axel trailer and highway towable units available. Available in 60, 120 and 160 cu ft. models.

Blast Hose & Nozzles

We stock and supply a complete line of Clemco brand blast hose and nozzles

  • 1/2” ID x 1-3/16” OD Blast hose
  • 3/4” ID x 1-1/2” OD
  • 1” ID x 1-7/8” OD
  • 1-1/4” ID x 2-5/32” OD

Also Featuring Supa Lightweight Blast hose (for whip sections)

  • 3/4” ID x 1-5/16” OD - use with 3/4” ID blast hose
  • 1” ID x 1-1/2” OD - use with 1” ID Blast hose
  • 1-1/4” x 1-7/8” OD - use with 1-1/4” ID Blast Hose

All coupling and nozzle holders stocked for all hose sizes in steel, aluminum, brass and nylon


Complete line of Clemco blast nozzles from Long and Short Venturi Rubber Jacketed Nozzles in Tungsten Carbide and Silicon Carbide, Cabinet Nozzles in tungsten carbide and boron carbide and angle nozzles in tungsten carbide.

Also available are new Clemco Boron Carbide Long Venturi Blast nozzles. Valued priced well below current market valves of standard long Venturi boron carbide nozzles from other suppliers. See our nozzle and blast hose page for more details.

Zero Manual and Automatic Blast Cabinet Equipment

Zero Pulsar Suction and Pressure Blast Cabinets

Our featured all-in-one blast cabinets which includes blast cabinet, true media reclaim system and reverse pulse cartridge dust collector. Fully equipped to handle most recyclable abrasives, available in both pressure and suction. Standard features include door interlocks, Double wall insulated doors, Full-opening doors (both sides), Full Length 30” gloves, Ceiling mounted light fixture.

  • Pulsar III Suction or Pressure Cabinet (36”Wx35”Dx37”H and 115v/1/60 with 1/2 or 1 HP Motors) - An Ergonomic Sit-down Model of this Cabinet is Available
  • Pulsar VI Suction or Pressure Cabinet (50”Wx39”Dx43”H and 115v/1/60 with 1 HP Motor) - An Ergonomic Sit-Down Model of this Cabinet is Available
  • Pulsar IX Suction or Pressure Cabinet (55”Wx50”Dx45”H and 230v/3/60 with 2 HP Motor)
  • Other sizes custom and available upon request
  • Options include, Air Filter, Door Release Time delay, HEPA Filter, Rubber Curtains, Sump liners, Tumble basket additions, Turntables, etc..

Click here for 20159 Pulsar literature

BNP Blast Cabinets

Clemco/Zero’s standard Blast cabinets available in a number of different sizes and options. Cabinets come standard with reclaimer and Cartridge Dust Collector (for occasional use). All cabinets can be upgraded to Reverse pulse dust collector (high production) and HEPA Filter Collector. In both Suction and Pressure Models.

  • BNP 55 Suction Model 42”Wx23”Dx30”H (300 CFM Reclaimer and Dust Collector), 600 CFM Reclaimer and Reverse Pulse Cartridge Dust Collector upgrade available
  • BNP 65 Suction or Pressure Models 36”Wx35”Dx37”H (300 CFM Reclaimer and Dust Collector) 600 CFM Reclaimer, Reverse Pulse Dust Collector upgrade also available. An Ergonomic Sit-Down Model is available.
  • BNP 220 Suction or Pressure Models 50”Wx39”Dx43”H (600 CFM Reclaimer and Dust Collector) 900 CFM Reclaimer and Reverse Pulse Dust Collector upgrade also available. An Ergonomic Sit-Down Model is available.
  • BNP 65 (73”Wx35”Dx37”H) and 220 (101”Wx39”Dx43”H) Double Blast Cabinet Suction or Pressure Models, 900 CFM Dust Collector and Reverse Pulse Dust Collector available
  • BNP 6012 (58”Wx58.5”Dx53”H) and 72012 (69”Wx70.5”Dx63”H) Mini Suction or Pressure Rooms (900 CFM Reclaimer & Dust Collector) 1200 CFM Reclaimer and Reverse Pulse Cartridge Collector upgrade available.

BNP 250 and 260 Wet Blast Suction Cabinets: Zero’s wet blast suction cabinets available in a 36”Wx35”Dx37”H or 50”Wx39”Dx43”H Working Chamber. Includes standard BNP Cabinet features, operator controlled water wash system, diaphragm pump to control slurry/water mix, BNP Suction Hand Gun for optimal control. Standard use with Glass Bead or Optional Aggressive media use with Aluminum Oxide.

INEX Economy Suction Cabinets: Economical Suction Blast cabinet with a work chamber of 45”Wx27”Dx27”H for shops with a low budget or light industrial applications. BNP Suction Gun, Full Length Gloves, Large View Window, Foot Pedal Control, Reclaimer and CDC Dust collector.

Shop-Mate™ Economy Suction Cabinets: Economical Suction Blast cabinet with a work chamber of 48”Wx26”Dx26”H for shops with a low budget or light industrial applications. BNP Suction Gun, Full Length Gloves, Large View Window, Foot Pedal Control, Bag-Filter Dust Collector.

MediPulse 2342se Suction Blast Cabinet: Clemco/Zero’s new high-production, ergonomic sit-down model suction blast cabinet for the dental or medical field. Small cabinet design minimizes work floor space. All standard suction cabinet features including 300 CFM reclaimer and reverse pulse dust collector. Work chamber 42”Wx23”Dx30”H. Optional HEPA filter available for dust sensitive work environments.

Options include, Air Filter, Door Release Time delay, HEPA Filter, Rubber Curtains, Sump liners, Tumble basket additions, Turntables, etc.

Click here for BNP Cabinet literature

Zero Tumble Barrel and Belt Cabinets

DCM 161 Mini-Tumble Blast Cabinets: Small tumble cabinet for automotive shops and low production applications. The barrel holds 25 pounds of parts and small hardware. Suction Blast system works with most fine mesh media and requires 17 cfm of air at 60 psi. Door mounted automatic gun, 100 cfm exhaust fan, bag filter and manual reset 60-minute timer is included with system. 115/1/60 Mfg Price starts around $ 2,780.00

Tumble Barrel Cabinets BNP 162, 164 & 166: Capacities of 1, 2 or 3 cu ft., tumble barrels hold parts up to 300 lbs. Systems are available with suction blast systems only. Parts ride on a cushioning layer of media while 2 - 6 automatic guns blast the parts. Barrels comprised of replaceable rubber covered metal panels. Reclaimer and Dry filter standard on systems, optional reverse pulse dust collector upgrade available.

Tumble Belt Cabinet BNP 2.5, 3.5 & 7.0: Built for efficient, reliable and high production blasting. Available in suction or pressure models, these systems can hold up to 800 pounds of parts. 2.5, 3.5 and 7.0 cu ft capacities and up to 6 automatic blast guns and be positioned to suit the part load. 7.0 cu ft. cabinet includes a standard oscillating gun mount to ensure maximum coverage. Parts ride on a thick rubber perforated belt to allow the blast media to fall through. The plate steel walls and door stand up to years of blasting. Cabinets come with reverse pulse dust collector for maximum efficiency.

Aerolyte Cabinet Systems

Systems designed for paint stripping with plastic media, sodium bicarbonate, wheat starch and other lightweight media. The cabinet systems use a metered propulsion of particles with are directed at low pressures towards the painted substrates. Cabinets include media shut-off valve, 60 degree cone tank to allow maximum media flow, remote controls, media reclaimer and dust collection unit. Single or double station units available in sizes ranging from 36”Wx35”Dx37”H to 73”Wx35”Dx37’H in both suction or pressure units. See attached literature on Aerolyte Cabinets

Click here to go to our soda blast page which features Clemco/Aerolyte Sodium Bicarbonate Cabinet and Soft King Portable Soda Blaster.

Pool Pal Blast Machine Literature for use with alumia silicate, kieserite or glass bead/crushed glass media.

Automation by Clemco/Zero

Automation systems can save you time and money. Systems enhance efficiencies and throughput capacity. Automation systems due require a greater initial investment than standard cabinets but investments can quickly pay for themselves in labor and production efficiencies. Automation systems combine technological sophistication, desired production rate and budget. Multi-axis robotics, proximity sensors, video monitors for real time inspection, and multi-stage cabinets to clean and finish parts in a single pass are available.

Clemco's free sample processing service helps you to determine if automation is right for you. You supply Metal Finishing some parts and Clemco processes them using various parameters (media, pressure, angle, distance, part movement and blast duration). Customer’s can visit Clemco’s lab and participate in the processing. Parts are returned after along with a detailed report on how each was processed. Once that is completed, the sales engineers will put together a proposal for the bust automated machine that will suit your application.

BNP A-200 and A-205 Automatic blast cleaning machine. 4’x4’ and 5’x5’, respectively. Six low-profile satellites that accommodate 25 pounds of parts, adjustable mounts allow the automatic blast guns to be set at appropriate angles and distances. Single or Double stations indexing available, these systems deliver the same amount of blast cleaning for each part. Systems include reclaimers and dust collectors for media recycling, lighting, view windows, part entrance and exits for easy loading and unloading, turntables, air blow-offs, fixturing, air manifolds, media manifolds, and electrical control panels.

Systems are specifically designed for each blast application. Contact Metal Finishing for a request for quotation on a unit.

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