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On occasion, Metal Finishing Supply will come across used equipment or take in used equipment on trade when a customer upgrades to larger equipment. This page will list any equipment we have for sale. It may not be up to date as used equipment is acquired or sold often without notice. Please check with us regarding the status of anything listed on this page!

Note for sale on used equipment: All sales are final. No implied warranties are given or offered on used equipment and all used equipment is sold “as-is”. Full payment due up front before equipment ships and purchaser is responsible for freight (f.o.b.: shipping location).

Used Trinco 36x30 Pressure Cabinet - No Dust Collector

Used Trinco 36x30 Pressure Cabinet - No Dust Collector included             Price: $ 3,500.00

-36x30 Work Space

-1 flip top, 2 side doors

-5" outlet hole for dust collector

-Bottom mounted pressure pot (0.9 lbs) with heavy duty mixing valve

-1/2" id blast hose w/1/4 tungsten carbide nozzle

Sold as is, no implied warranties.  (Image is of new cabinet and doesn't represent used one).  New Dust Collector available for purchase along with this used cabinet at quotable price.




ADDED 01/22/2024

Used Trinco Suction Cabinet 36 w/8x8 Power Basket- NO DC

Used Master Model Trinco 36 Suction Cabinet w/8x8 Automatic Power Basket (NO DUST COLLECTOR)   Price: $ 2,000.00

-36x24 Working Chamber 

-25 CFM Gun with TC Nozzle & Foot Pedal

-8x8 Automatic Power Basket

-No Dust Collector - Can be purchased Separately - recomendation of 400 PT CFM.

(Used as is with no implied Warranties)  Picture represents example and not actual cabinet.

ADDED 01/22/2024

**please watch for upcoming specials**

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