Engineered Systems

From Recovery Systems to Blast Rooms to automated Cabinets, Metal Finishing can help you design, quote and supply all components needed for your application.

Blast Rooms:

There are a number of reasons why a customer may choose to install an inside blast room enclosure, EPA regulations, Weather, Neighbors and generous cost-savings on recyclable abrasives make a blast room facility more appealing and efficient. A properly designed blast room with the correct abrasive used could pay for itself in as little as a year!

Metal Finishing Supply is a distributor of Clemco® Industrial Blast Facilities. A Clemco Industrial blast facility can be designed and engineered for your application, whatever your budget – from a fully equipped blast room with recovery and dust collection, to a simple sweep-in recovery system for an existing blast room. Prefabricated, pre-assembled rooms are even available!

The media choice drives the equipment selection, whether it be a mechanical system or pneumatic system. The attached PDF info on Clemco® Industrial Blast Facilities Planning Guide will help you give you more information in designing your room. We can of course help you all the steps of the way!

Clemco Industrial Facilities Planning Guide Clemco PreAssembled Blast Guide

Recovery Systems:

An Integral part of a blast room is the recovery system. Many customers choose to build their own blast rooms where they need a recovery only system! Clemco® and Schmidt® offer many options on Sweep-In or Shovel in Recovery systems to add to your construction or to convert to a new room.


  • Sweep-In Belt Recovery Systems: Available in a 10’ or 20’ sweep in trough, complete with blast machine, recovery elevator, Air Wash Abrasive Cleaner and System Dust Collector- for heavy (steel) or coarse mesh abrasives.
  • 3x3 Sweep-In Floor or 2x2 Wall-Mount Shovel-in System: Includes hopper recovery, blast machine, recovery elevator, Air Wash Abrasive Cleaner and System Dust Collector- for heavy (steel) or coarse mesh abrasives.
  • Sweep-In M-Section Pneumatic Systems: Available in 8’, 10’ or 12’ sweep in trough (or floor mount) complete with blast machine, recovery elevator, Reclaimer and System Dust Collector- for lightweight media (less than 140 cu ft.)
  • Pneumatic Blast & Recovery System: Skid or Floor Mountable, system includes 2x2 floor shovel in recovery hopper, Blast Machine, Reclaimer, System Dust Collector & HP exhauster to power system. Can be used with an in-floor tough also- for all abrasives including heavy and lightweight.
Clemco Sweep-In Systems


The Industrial Blast and Recovery System is designed to meet the needs of industrial blasting operations. A Flexible affordable alternative to traditional blast rooms or can be used to complement your wheel blast system. Customizable to your requirements and even a trough reclaim system is available for pneumatic conveying of material.

Note: The dust collectors included in these systems power the recovery systems only. A separate dust collector is needed to ventilate the room.

Dust Collectors:

A proper dust collector must be added to any blast facility in order to provide adequate ventilation and visibility. Proper CFM draw will be needed from any system installed depending on the type of abrasive you are using and the room size! Clemco® CDF Dust Collectors are specifically designed for blast applications while providing a minimal footprint! All systems are designed for inside or outside use. Cartridges collect dust and deposit in 55 gal drums for disposal and reverse pulse cleaning jets continuously clean the cartridges for longer life.

Clemco® CDF Dust Collectors

Automation Systems:

Clemco/Zero® Automation is designed to suit your application and needs as well as your budget. These systems are considered engineered and quoted to individually for each of your product(s). Automatic allows for mass blasting of parts with little to no manual interaction. Options such as indexing turntables, overhead conveyor, roller conveyor, belt conveyor tumble belt units or other handling methods can be employed. PLC Controls and robotics can be incorporated also! Note: Automation kits can also be added to new and existing Clemco/Zero® Blast cabinets to turn them into automated cabinets!

Clemco/Zero® Automation
Clemco RFA Quote

Mobile Blasting & Vacuum Systems:

Mobile Blast and Recovery Systems allow the flexibility to blast areas where you need to quickly or immediately recovery the spent abrasive and removed coatings from the surface being blasted.

The Schmidt® BRS can blast and vacuum simultaneously eliminating dust, poor visibility and costly cleanup. It can also do each function independently. Portable and ideal where traditional open blasting is not possible or prohibited. Systems include pot with remote controls, Thompson® Valve II, Cyclone reclaim system, educator pump with nozzle. The BRS come in a 2.0, 3.5 and 6.5 standard units with varying options. A miniBRS model is available in a 0.3 Cu Ft size for small operations. The BRS2 system is a high production system with high capacity for blasting vacuuming and dust collection.


Clemco® Comet and Super Comet

The Clemco® Comet and Super Comet are a blast and recovery units (suction and pressure models, respectively) that allow the blaster to blast, recover and clean the abrasive and remove dust and debris from the area.