Blast Cabinets

Simple, Contained Blasting Of Smaller Work Pieces And Components

When contacting Metal Finishing Supply regarding a Blast Cabinet, we will need to know the following:

  1. Budget Available
  2. Manufacture Preference
  3. Cabinet Type Needed (Suction/Pressure)
  4. Cabinet Size Needed
  5. Air Supply Available
  6. Options Needed

Clemco/Zero® Blast Cabinets: (Medium & High Production/Industrial Applications)

The Zero Line® of Blast Cabinet product line consists of the BNP line of production blast cabinets, Pulsar line, Medi-Pulse™, INEX, and Shop-Mate™ intermittent blast cabinets and fully automated blast cabinets. Clemco® has the engineering capability to modify cabinets for specialized applications or custom requirements.

Clemco/Zero® Blast Cabinets Features

  • Blast Cabinets are available in Suction Blast or Pressure Blast to take advantage of compressed air availability and production requirements.
  • Tunable Media Cyclone Reclaimers are adjusted to control media size by varying size of fines extraction from the blast media.
  • Dust Collectors are standard on all Zero® cabinets. Models include small cartridge or upgraded cartridge units with automatic self-cleaning mechanism.
  • Zero® Blast Cabinets are made out of 14-gauge steel all-welded construction.
  • Double-wall, sound-insulated doors with industrial-quality lift-off hinges
  • Safety Door Interlocks
  • Large Foot Pedal - For operator’s comfort and flexibility.
  • Unique Air Logic system (Pilot actuated) to maximize air Flow to the Blast Gun
  • Air Pressure Regulator, Gauge and electric switch for fine tuning required results at arm’s reach
  • Fluorescent light fixture for Illuminated work area for operator visibility.
  • Large, tilt-out, quick change window for optimum operator viewing.
  • Blow-Off Gun
Zero Pulsar Cabinets
Zero Cabinet Options

Zero® Blast Cabinets Accessories and Options:

  • Multiple Gun Operation
  • Fixed Gun Mounts
  • Tumble basket
  • Turntable track - Allows easier handling, rotating and loading of heavy work pieces.
  • Rubber lining - Heavy duty rubber curtains are available for long cabinet life when using aggressive blast media.
  • Magnetic Separators - High quality media separation especially for use with plastic media.
  • Ergonomic Workstation - Modification allows operator to sit down for more ergonomic long term use.
  • Door Release Time Delay
  • HEPA Filter
  • Aluminum Oxide Kits
  • Vertical Doors
  • Additional Operator Stations
  • Rollers
  • Oscillators
  • Automation Kits – Ability to add automatic to any Zero® Hand Cabinet

Clemco/Zero® Tumble Barrel Cabinets: (Medium & High Production/Industrial Applications)

See our Clemco Page

ZERO tumble blast cabinets deliver efficient, affordable batch processing to clean, peen, deburr, or finish parts. Available in capacities of 1, 2, and 3 cubic feet, Zero tumble barrels handle part loads up to 300 pounds. Tumble barrel systems are perfect for automotive rebuilders and small parts manufacturers. A 25 lb capacity (2-gallon) unit is also available.

Tumble Belt units are available for larger size batches or heavier load batches as well.

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Other Cabinet Manufactures we represent and/or can supply:

  • Trinco™- Trinity Tool Co (link to Metal Finishing Trinco Page)
  • Econoline® Abrasive Blast Equipment
  • Empire® Abrasive Equipment
  • Kelco Sandblasting
  • Universal Equipment
  • Ruemelin Equipment
  • Blast-It-All Cabinets
  • Vacu-Blast
  • Vapor Blast
  • Uni-Hone
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