Metal Finishing Supply is a distributor of Schmidt® brand equipment manufactured by Axxiom Mfg. Schmidt brand equipment is manufactured to the highest quality with safety and performance at the forefront. Schmidt equipment is specially designed to provide the industry’s lowest pressure drop – less than 1.5 psi compared to as much as 10-14 psi in other systems on the market. That in combination with superior metering devices and valves reduce downtime, abrasive costs, replacement part costs and maximizes production rates.

The selection of equipment is vast and if they don’t have it on their standard offering, they can custom design equipment to fit your applications.

Small Pots & Packages:

Schmidt® offers many standard small pot sizes including 0.9, 1.5, 3.5, 6.5, 10 & 20 cu ft. capacity pots. These pots are the backbone of the industry. The standard pots (1.5, 3.5 & 6.5) come in three package levels with pneumatic remote controls, 90o cone bottom, MV3™ metering valve, ComboValve®, Moisture filter & VBS2™ blowdown system (3.5 & 6.5 only). Options range from portable/stationary, metering valve upgrade, pressure hold models, Abrasive cut-off and many more. 10 & 20 cu ft. models are completely customizable and available in 2 outlet capabilities.

**New** Small pots are now being shipped with the new MV3™ Metering Valve, the SureFit™ handway gasket and the VBSII™ blowdown system.

Small Pot Blasters

Small Pot Blaster Upgrades

Bulk Pots:

Schmidt® Custom builds and designs bulk blasters for your needs with sizes ranging from 120 to 800 cu ft for the production needs of large jobs. Systems are standard with 4 outlet capabilities but can be customized for more. Standard are Thompson® Valve II, High-Flow Auto Air Valves, Pneumatic or Electric Remote Controls, Ergo-Ladder, and manway stay bracket for easy closure. Safety features include CEN™ system with blowdown silencer with safely controls the exhaust of air and HALOK® closure system which prevents operators from improperly opening and closing the 10” fill closure.

Multi-Media Pots:

Schmidt® Multi-Media parts are designed to add flexibility to your blasting operation. They can handle a wide range of abrasive media than the typical blaster. They have precision controls that let you blast at high or low pressure and jobs ranging from cleaning surface grease to stripping rust and paint. They will handle baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) all the way to steel grit! 150 psi rated with normally closed remotes and a wet blast attachment all come standard with this unit. Multi-media pots are a suitable replacement/alternative to the Accustrip soda blast systems. Sizes 0.9, 1.5, 2.0 & 3.0 cu ft.

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Multi Media Blasters

Accustrip System:

A system designed to handle the blasting of applications with sodium bicarbonate and the ARMEX® blasting media line. Ideal for industrial cleaning in food processing, pulp & paper, automotive and other industries such as architectural, graffiti removal and plaint stripping. 3 size capacities of units available.


Blast & Recovery Systems (BRS)

The Schmidt® BRS can blast and vacuum simultaneously eliminating dust, poor visibility and costly cleanup. It can also do each function independently. Portable and ideal where traditional open blasting is not possible or prohibited. Systems include pot with remote controls, Thompson® Valve II, Cyclone reclaim system, educator pump with nozzle.

The BRS come in a 2.0, 3.5 and 6.5 standard units with varying options. A miniBRS model is available in a 0.3 Cu Ft size for small operations. The BRS2 system is a high production system with high capacity for blasting vacuuming and dust collection.

The Industrial Blast and Recovery System is designed to meet the needs of industrial blasting operations. A Flexible affordable alternative to traditional blast rooms or can be used to complement your wheel blast system. Customizable to your requirements and even a trough reclaim system is available for pneumatic conveying of material.


AirPrep™ Systems:

Schimdt® manufactures a number of Moisture Management systems that remove moisture from the air stream. AirPrep™ systems are designed to maintain and promote productivity in blasting systems and feature negligible pressure drops. Moisture separators, Aftercooler Systems (ACS) for High efficiency removal of moisture, and Air Dryers (ADS) for maximum performance of high humidity environments or where areas experience high/low differences in temperatures.

Metering Valves:

Genuine Schmidt® brand valves and controls are designed and manufactured to be the most durable and reliable in the industry. They are constructed under tight specification and tolerances and use the highest quality materials in their constructions. No other brand (competitor or aftermarket) can match the combination of safety, performance, durability and dependability of a Schmidt valve or controls. Valves are designed to use less abrasive than other brands.

Thompson® Valve II:

Next generation in the Thompson Valve. Designed to improve performance while shutting off abrasive flow to the nozzle and sealing the tank at the same instant. Design promotes easy service and extend service life. A number of different sleeve choices depending on the application and easy to change out.

Thompson® Valve II XL™:

Newest advance in the abrasive metering and control. This valve is designed to address the challenges of the harshest blasting environments including those operating continuously with aluminum oxide.

MV3®: The Schmidt MV3 valve

is the newest addition to the product line. Its improves upon the proven technology of the MicroValve® and MV2® technology and add safety advantages to the blasting operations. Design changes offer an extended service life over that of the MV2 valve. This valve is offered standard on all pressure release pots shipped form the factory.

Thompson® Valve:

The original Thompson Valve that provides performance, reliability and durability of a valve and the predecessor of the Thompson® Valve II and XL. Shuts abrasive off at the pot.

MicroValve® and MV2®:

The original Schmidt® metering valve and its successor, still in use today. Provides total control of the quality of the abrasive media used. MV2 has improved features from that of the MicroValve.


The ComboValve is the original air valve from Schmidt®. It combines the functions of an air inlet and blowdown valve, eliminating the premature failure of the blowdown system. Only the genuine Schmidt brand offers the superior performance, durability and reliability.

G2 Deadman Control:

Schmidt® brand control handle for optimal operator comfort and safety. Pneumatic or Electric styles.


The Volumetric Blowdown Suppression II system takes the intensity of the air/energy during vessel depressurization and safety reduces the noise levels and abrasive particle velocity (speeds) that occur.

Specialized Systems:

  • Integrated Systems
  • Double Chamber Pots
  • Custom systems to Blast, material recover or conveying
  • Modular drum & vacuum Systems
  • Vacuum Loading Systems and Eductor Systems
  • Storage Hoppers
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