Remote Control Systems and Valves

Remote Control Systems and valves are determined by OSHA regulations requiring that "A deadman control device shall be provided at the nozzle end of the blasting hose to provide direct cutoff (of abrasive to the blast hose) in event the blaster loses control of the hose (OSHA 1915.34 (c) (1) (iv)." All pressure blast systems and blast cabinets sold by Metal Finishing have some type of approved remote control system on it.

If your blasting system doesn’t have a remote control system, we offer a number of kits available to retrofit your system with a deadman control system.

A Number of Systems, Handles and Remote Control Valves are listed on this page:


TLR-100 & 300 Remote Control Systems: A complete system consisting of an Inlet Valve, Outlet Valve, Abrasive Trap, Bleeder-type RLX II deadman handle and 25 or 50’ twinline control hose for a Pressure-Release type set-up. Available in Pneumatic or Electric (12V or 120V) styles. (Grit valve available upon request)

Millennium Remote Control System: A Pressure-Release Style system consisting of a Combination Inlet/Outlet Valve, Abrasive Trap, Bleeder-type RLX II deadman handle and 25 or 50’ twinline control hose. Available in a Pneumatic or Electric (12V or 120V) style. (Grit valve available upon request)

Sentinel/Quantum Remote Controls: For a pressure Hold style set-up, consists of an automatic air valve, Sentinel or Auto Quantum Metering valve, bleeder-type RLX II deadman handle and 25 or 50’ twinline. Pneumatic or Electric (12V or 120V).


Combination/MV3 System: Consists of the Schmidt® ComboValve® Valve, MV3® grit valve, non-bleed G2 deadman handle, blowdown hose, and 55’ twinline control hose for a pressure-release set-up. Pneumatic or Electric (12VDC, 24VAC, 120VAC) Available.

Thompson® II Remote System: Includes the Thompson® II Valve, automatic air valve, control valve assembly, G2 non-bleed deadman handle, 55’ control hose and fittings for a pressure-hold set-up. Pneumatic or Electric (12VDC, 24VAC, 120VAC) available.

Clemco® bleeder type handles should never be used on a non-bleed type system in order to prevent sudden start or stop operation of the blasting pot.

Remote Control valves:

Schmidt® ComboValve®: The ComboValve is the original air valve from Schmidt®. It combines the functions of an air inlet and blowdown valve, eliminating the premature failure of the blowdown system. Only the genuine Schmidt brand offers the superior performance, durability and reliability. 1-1/4” NPT Thds

Pneumatic or Electric Control valves operate the air and/or grit valves in the remote control systems or for the addition of abrasive cut-off features. Not needed on pneumatic pressure release systems.

Used in Pressure Hold Configurations of Blast Pots in Schmidt® and Clemco® Styles. Also used in Pressure-Release and Pressure-hold Set-ups in Empire Brands. Available in ¾”, 1”, 1-1/4”, 1-1/2”, 1-1/2” High Flow & 2” High Flow NPT Configurations.

Clemco® Abrasive Trap: Used on Clemco pot style to catch and trap abrasive during the depressurization process in order to prevent damage to the outlet valve. 1” NPT.

Clemco® TLR Inlet & Outlet Valve: The Clemco TLR Inlet valve is a normally closed valve (1/2”, 1” or 1-1/2” NPT Configuration) used on pressure release configurations along with an outlet valve and abrasive trap. The Clemco TLR Outlet Valve (normally open) is available in an ½” diaphragm, 1” diaphragm or 1” piston style configuration. Note: Use a Clemco® abrasive trap with 1” NPT Style outlet valve.

Empire MG-72 or MG-78 Exhaust Valve

Remote Control Handles:

Schmidt® G2™ Handles: For the perfect balance of operator comfort and safety. Easily the industry's most popular deadman control. Used on Normally Closed remote controls systems. Pneumatic or electric. ¼” and 1/8” control lines

Schmidt® Style II Handle: For the ones who like the “handle” style while using on a non-bleed system. ¼” and 1/8” control lines

Clemco® RLX II Handles: Bleeder-type style handle used on Clemco Remote Control set-ups. Do not use this handle on a non-bleed remote control set-up. Pneumatic or Electric. 3/16” control lines

Other Style Handles:
  • Trigger Style Electric Handles (Western Technology Style)
  • Empire Saf-Stop® and D-Handle Styles
  • PK Lindsay Shut-off Handle
  • Kelco Kutt-off Head
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