Metal Finishing Supply offers a number of products to help you light the area during your blast operations. Whether you need a blast hose mounted light or an area lighting unit, we can help.

Clemco® Beacon Blast Light

The Clemco Beacon Blast Light is a powerful 860-lumen LED light source to illuminate the work surface. It is ideal for poorly-lit areas or where natural light is absent. The light module mounts either to the blast nozzle holder or to the blast hose, secured with cable ties. The rugged, cut resistant 18-gauge cable is tied along the length of the blast hose. A quick-change assembly allows easy lens replacement when abrasive rebound frosts the durable Pyrex® lens. 12V DC or 120V AC models with either 50 ft or 100 ft of power cord.


  • Beam capable of penetrating up to 280 feet
  • Ultra-compact size at just 2 7/8”OD x 4”H x 3”D
  • Encased in durable, lightweight aluminum housing with abrasive-resistant nylon lens adaptor
  • Integrated pulse width modulation controller provides protection against voltage spikes and maximizes the light’s duty cycle in terms of heat management
  • Cree XLamp MC-E® LED is shock- and vibration-resistant
  • Easily replaceable Pyrex® lens

Western Technology Lights

Western Technology has been manufacturing lights and systems to meet your most demanding workplace requirements (hazardous locations, Abrasive Blasting, Painting and more). They offer a number of models from the industry standard Halogen Lights to the "new" LED style and more reliable lights. They even offer area lighting if hose mounting isn’t an option.

  • The Brick™: Explosion Proof Area Light
  • 3500 LED hose Mounted Blast Light
  • 3510 LED Helmet Mounted Blast Light
  • 3475 and 3460 LED Polyurethane Alum Hose Mounted Blast Light
  • 3300, 3400 & 3600 Halogen Aluminum Hose Mounted Blast light (industry standard)

Visit their webpage for more information:

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